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Legal disclosures regarding CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT

You are currently connected to the French website of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT, a société anonyme (joint-stock company) with equity capital of 53,445,705 euro and registered offices located at 91-93, boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France. It is registered under number 399 392 141 of the Paris Registry of Trade and Companies. CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT has been certified as a portfolio management company by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) under number GP 01-056.
The website’s editor-in-chief is Mr Olivier Mariée, Managing Director of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT.
The website host is PROGICA S.A.S., located 12 place des États-Unis, 92120 Montrouge, France, registered under number 401 440 268 of the Nanterre Registry of Trade and Companies.
This website is administered by Amundi IT Services (“AITS”), a consortium of the Amundi group, of which CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT is one of the members.



Solely for informational reasons

Information on the website is not meant for distribution or use by any person or entity in a country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use is against legal or regulatory provisions, or that would require that CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT comply with such countries’ registration obligations. Some products or services may not be registered or authorised in all countries or available to all clients.
Data on this website are provided for information only. No data on this website constitutes an offer or solicitation by CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT to provide advice or investment service or to buy or sell financial instruments.
The accuracy, reliability or comprehensiveness of information provided on this website expressly reject any guarantee of the website’s aptitude for a given use. The information is based on sources that we consider to be reliable but they may change without prior notice. We cannot guarantee that they are accurate, comprehensive, valid or relevant and they must not be considered as such for any purpose whatsoever.



Limited access

This website determines the user’s residence based where he has logged on. If the country of residence is not the country in which he has logged on, the user must select his country of residence on the website’s home page.
In any case, persons subject to restrictions banning the publication or access to information on this website are not authorised to access the information on this website and are asked to log off.
In particular, this website is not meant for the use of residents or citizens of the United States of America and “U.S. Persons”, as this expression is defined by “Regulation S” of the Securities and Exchange Commission by virtue of the U.S. Securities Act de 1933. The definition of “US Person” is provided below.
The expression “U.S. Person” is taken to mean: (a) any natural person residing in the United States of America; (b) any entity or company organised or incorporated under US laws; (c) any estate whose executor or administrator is a U.S. Person; (d) any trust of which any trustee is a “U.S. Person”; (e) any agency or branch of a non-US entity located in the United States of America; (f) any non-discretionary account (other than an estate or trust) held by a dealer or other fiduciary for the benefit or account of a U.S. Person; (g) any discretionary account (other than an estate or trust) held by a deal or other fiduciary organised, incorporated or (if an individual) residing in the United States of America; and (h) any entity or company if it is (i) organised or incorporated under the laws of a country other than the United States of America and (ii) formed by a U.S. Person mainly for the purpose of investing in securities not registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, unless it is organised and incorporated and owned by accredited investors (as defined by “Rule 501(a)” of the Act of 1933, as amended) who are not natural persons, estates or trusts.
The financial products described on this website are not registered under US federal securities law or any other law applicable in the states, territories and possessions of the United States of America. Accordingly, none of these financial products may be marketed directly or indirectly in the United States (including its territories and possessions) to, or for the benefit of, residents and citizens of the United States of America and “U.S. Persons”.
This restriction also applies to residents and citizens of the United States of America and to “U.S. Persons” who may view or have access to this website during travel or stays outside of the United States of America.



Presence of hypertext links and use of cookies

The presence of hypertext links on the website is solely for the purpose of facilitating your browsing to the websites of other companies.
CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT is not responsible for damage or losses caused by delays, defects or omissions that may exist in the services, information or other content provided on the website, whether real, alleged, indirect or punitive. CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT offers no guarantee and makes no statement regarding, and may not be held liable for, any content delivered electronically by a third party, including as regards the accuracy, purpose, quality or timeliness of the electronic content.
CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT prohibits any person from setting up such a link without its express prior consent.
Information may be temporarily saved in the computer memory or on the hard drive in the form of “cookies”. To find out more about cookies, we urge you to refer to the legal notices in the appendix. The website user hereby authorises CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT to do so solely for the purpose of facilitating the website’s browsing on the website of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT (the pages that the user has viewed, the date and time he has done so, etc.). However, the user may refuse to have such information recorded on his computer by configuring his Internet browser. Such refusal could prevent the use of some website features.



Confidentiality and personal data

CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT shall keep confidential any personal information provided through our website, in accordance with currently applicable all laws and regulations.
However, CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT reserves the right to use the personal information it has compiled on you, as well as technical and browsing information, such as type of browser, IP address, pages visited and the average time spent on this website for the purpose of administering and processing your investments and all other related activities.
CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT may disclose such information to its agents and service providers and share them with other companies of the AMUNDI group and the CREDIT AGRICOLE group, for the purpose of sending you information on products and services on offer. If you do not wish to receive such information please inform us accordingly by writing to: CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT – Cellule Internet – 90, boulevard Pasteur – 75730 PARIS Cedex 15, France.
This website has been reported to the French National Commission on Computer Files and Freedoms (CNIL) in accordance with Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended pertaining to computer files and freedoms. The personal data compiled on this website are meant for storage by CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT and will not be transferred to any third parties, with the exception of the aforementioned. You are entitled to access, modify, correct or delete any of your personal data. To exercise this right contact the website manager at: CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT – Service Marketing – 90, boulevard Pasteur – 75730 PARIS Cedex 15, France.




Users of this website expressly acknowledge that the Internet is not a secure means of communications and that they use it at their own risks.
Neither CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT, nor AITS may be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the interception by third parties of information that is made available to you on the website. Neither AITS, nor CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT, nor any of its directors, managers, or employees may be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from a breakdown or disruption of this website, or from an error omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delayed operation or transmission, a computer virus, a breakdown in the communication line or an alteration or use of registrations, even if the circumstances causing such an event might have been under the control of AITS, the CREDIT AGRICOLE group or any supplier of services or software assistance. Neither CREDIT AGRICOLE and its affiliated Companies, nor any party may be held liable to you for any type of damage, even if AITS, CREDIT AGRICOLE or another party has been informed of the possibility of such damage.



Website use

This website provides information to complement documentation relating to the planned investment.
Subscriptions must be based solely on suitable documentation given to subscribers prior to subscription or available on request in all branches of partner networks of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT or authorised distributors, or on request from the head offices of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT.
Any deliberate abuse of any element of the CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT website (including hacking, the introduction of virus, disruption, excessive of illegal use) is expressly forbidden.



Website ownership, copyrights and trademarks

CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT holds the copyrights to all work appearing on this web, including images, texts, iconographic images and documents that may be repatriated from this website.
Accordingly, the reproduction or depiction of all or part of this website through any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT.
However, you may repatriate or print out pages and/or parts of the CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT website strictly for your personal use as long as you do not delete the copyright or intellectual property right statements.
The repatriation of information provided on the CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT website entitles you to no rights to information and you may not reproduce (in whole or in part), transfer (electronically or otherwise), modify, or use this website for public purposes, or create links to the website without the prior written consent of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT.
“CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT” is a registered trademark of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT. You may neither reproduce, nor delete, nor reuse, nor modify in any manner whatsoever the distinctive signs on the pages of this website.



Photo credits

Image database: Shutterstock



Divisibility clause

In the event that any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use is deemed illegal, null and void or unenforceable, such provision shall be considered dissociable from these Terms and Conditions of Use without this having an effect on the validity or executory nature of other provisions.
In continuing to use this website, you hereby confirm that you have understood and consented to the procedures, conditions and restrictions explained here, as well as the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website. You also acknowledge that: (i) these conditions shall apply each time you access the website of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT in the future, as well as the provisions limiting liability, risk warnings and other information supplied; and (ii) you guarantee that no other person will use your current log-in and password to access the website of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT.



Applicable law

This website of CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT and its content are governed by and interpreted in accordance with French law. Any litigation resulting from it or referring to it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.



Information on cookies

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  • What is a cookie?

Cookies are commonly used on the Internet. A cookie is a small text file containing information that is registered on the hard drive of your device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you view a website using your browser. It is sent by a website server to your browser. The cookie file allows its issuer to identify the device in which it is registered throughout the period of validity or registration of the cookie concerned. A cookie may not be used to track down an individual person.

  • Why do we use cookies?

We use three categories of cookies for purposes described below. We do not use cookies to compile user-specific information (such as your name, for example).

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These cookies are not essential to browsing on our website but help it function more efficiently and give you access to specific features. They also allow you to adjust the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your device. These cookies also give you a fluid and customised browsing experience.

Installing cookies on your device is the simplest and fastest way to personalise and enhance your user experience.

These cookies are installed by CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT. They have a very short life, most of them lasting just one session and, in any case, no more than one year.

  • Audience measurement cookies (statistics)

These cookies compile information on the way in which visitors use a website, for example, the number of visits, the most-visited pages, etc.

XITI, the statistics tool used by, generates a cookie with a unique user ID that is valid for no longer than 13 months. We compile the IP address in order to identify the city from which you are logging on. This IP address is immediately anonymised after use. CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT is therefore unable to track down a natural person in any way.

Data gathered are kept by CPR ASSET MANAGEMENT for a period of six months and are not transferred to third parties or used for other purposes.

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