Yesterday was science fiction. Today, it is almost science. Before our eyes, demographic, economic, technological and environmental changes are acting like tectonic plates that are reshaping our world.

If our future remains uncertain, the modeling of these megatrends already outlines the face of our world of tomorrow. The new generations will put in place new leaders who, in a world where the population and the middle classes are growing, will have to face the climate challenge and the scarcity of natural resources.

These challenges will lead the economic powers to reinvent themselves, to design innovative and sustainable production methods, to respond to the new consumption patterns of a population wishing to improve quality of life, to take advantage of the contributions of technology, medical research. Ultimately, this will transform the way of studying, working, exchanging, caring, with individuals at the heart of all decisions and at the heart of more harmonious urban territories that respect future generations.

So many challenges to grasp, revolutions to support, growth potential to consider... for which you will find keys on this website.

This website is brought to you by CPR Asset Management. An innovative store backed by a world leader in asset management, CPR Asset Management is the center of expertise in thematic equities of the Amundi group. The four themes highlighted here are the major trends identified by our management and research teams. It is the watch made on these megatrends that we wish to make available to everyone in the pages of this website.

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